Hi friends! You are invited to listen to and download the inspirational and original Christian music songs below by Bonnie and Paul free of charge and share at will.  These Southern Gospel and Bluegrass style songs further down the page were produced in just a basic studio with good friends helping out. We hope you enjoy each of them; and most of all, the message they contain, for like God's grace and salvation, they are free to those who will receive them! And if you enjoy these songs and would like to, please check back on this page from time to time as we will be adding other songs as the Lord provides for them. Thank you for listening and may God bless you! 

NOTE:  The songs below with the blue color 'Google drive' links are completely safe to open as they are protected in my google drive account, but they may take just a few moments to start once you click on the play button.  Let me know if know if anything doesn't work.  Thank you, Dr. Crum.

Original 'Southern Gospel' style tunes (Click on the links below to listen - there is no charge):

God is always there:     

If home is where the heart is:                     

Little is much:          

Where the Lamb is the Light:      

Three crosses:    

It's time for revival:

Will America turn back to God again:

We're in God's hands:

An act of love:

By the blood of the Lamb:

Original 'live bluegrass' style tunes (Click on the links below to listen - there is no charge):

We're in God's hands:

I can hardly wait:

Mamma sing:

Don't cry for me

I'm going home

Two roads

What a time

God is always there:

  • Bonnie Crum

    Hello, I am Bonnie Crum. I work full-time as the puppy kennel manager and absolutely love taking care of the dogs and puppies.  My major in college was occupational therapy and I use these skills to help take care of the elderly and others including the pets I consider friends. I have worked with geriatric patients for years and thrive on the relationships that I build with both people and animals. I love singing and am often involved with productions and shows and actively involved with church as well.  My husband, Paul, and I work together to make the kennel the best it can be and enjoy it tremendously.

  • Paul Crum

    Hi, I am Dr. Paul Crum.  I have been a teacher and a community college instructor for many years and love pets and animals. I also enjoy outdoor activities like building things, gardening, orchards, flowers and yard work.  I help manage the puppy kennel and take pride in caring for all of our pets which currently include dogs,  miniature horses, and chickens. I like most kinds of music and sports and am also actively involved with church.

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