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Prices vary by breed, coloration, and age and are subject to change periodically depending on demand unless a particular price for a puppy has been agreed upon through email or text (written) communication at which time the price will be locked when your deposit is paid. Please read the information at the bottom of the page* after viewing the available puppies' videos or pictures below. (Note: the time required for pictures or videos to appear on the webpage will vary depending on your computer and internet speeds and may be from a few seconds to a few minutes).


You are also welcome to verify that we are a licensed business with the MS Secretary of State's Office:  https://corp.sos.ms.gov/corp/p... 


Updated on August 4, 2020 at 10:30 am CST.  Listings and availability are subject to change and may not be up-to-the minute current as puppies are purchased or deposits are paid throughout the day.  Puppies are sold on a first come/first serve basis so please text or call me at 662-284-6991 to confirm the availability of a particular puppy BEFORE a payment or deposit is made for a particular one.  Unless otherwise noted, all puppies come with vet check, current vaccinations and de-wormings, and our 10-day health guarantee - please see tab above.  Thank you.

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1. Beagle/Cavalier Spaniel mixed by design puppies (Beagliers) - The litter born on July 13th are now sold, but we are expecting another litter to be born any day that will also be ready to transfer for $200 each when they are 6 weeks old and have been vet checked and received the first round of vaccinations. If interested, please text me about them. Thank you.

These designed cross-breed dogs tend to have short hair and will typically average around 15 inches to the top of their back and weigh about 15-25 lbs when grown. Below are some grown-up pics of some puppies that we have sold in the past which may give you some idea of what the current puppies 'might' look similar to when they are grown, although we give no guarantee of exactly what they will look like when grown because individual puppies will vary as they mature of course. The pics of the parents and of former puppies of this type are provided for estimation purposes only of what current puppies 'might' look similar to when they are grown.                                                                                                                                                                                       

     Our daddy AKC cavalier spaniel and a couple of his former half beagle/half cavalier 'beaglier' pups pictured when grown up.                                     




2.  We have a litter of pure beagle puppies born on July 13th with some still available that will be $150 each and ready to transfer when they are 6 weeks old and have been vet checked and received the first round of vaccinations.  I can send pics if interested.


3. We do not currently know when to expect anymore puppies of any kind to be born but should have more of the small, hypoallergenic types born sometime later this Fall.  Please check back on this page as we update it as soon as we know of something we are expecting to have. Thank you very much.


 We hope (if they breed successfully) that we will have some of the following types available in the coming months:   

CKC Yorkie, NKC Shih Tzu, and also CKC Cavalier Spaniel pure-breeds as well as designed mixes of various breeds. Most of these are hypo-allergenic which means they shed little hair thus making them better as indoor pets. The kinds of puppies we currently work to raise are:  Beagle/Cavalier Spaniel mix (Beagliers) @ $250 each; Beagle/Yorkie mix (Borkies) @ $250 each; Maltese/Yorkie mix (Morkie) @ $800 each; Yorkie/Mini-Poodle mix (Yorkie-Poo) @ $800 each; Shih Tzu/Yorkie (shorkies) @ $800 each; CKC Yorkies of different color mixes including black/auburn brown/chocolate brown/gold/white starting @ $900 to $1,000 each; NKC Shih Tzu of various colors @ $800 each. We have AKC King Charles Cavalier Spaniel parents that will produce CKC registerable puppies (b/c the parent dogs' previous owner would not provide AKC breeding rights with them) @ $800 each.  These puppies come from AKC parents but at lower than typical prices.


*Each puppy purchased will come with our Puppy Health Guarantee (please read prior to purchase- see link above) and records stating their current health condition at time of transfer and verifying their vaccination records, etc. Registerable puppies may also come with registration papers to be completed by the buyer if desired; please ask us about this option before making a deposit payment if you are interested in potential registration of a particular puppy. 

Puppies are sold on a 'first come, first served' basis unless you want to buy a particular puppy and want it to be held for you until it is ready for transfer as determined by Precious Puppies Puppy Kennel (most puppies are ready for transfer at approximately 6 - 7 weeks of age but we reserve discretion in this determination based on the puppy's overall well-being and potential for success in transitioning to a new environment), in which case a non-refundable deposit (non-refundable except in the event that the puppy does not meet the health guarantee requirements in which case the deposit and any paid balance of the purchase price will be refunded to the buyer at their request according to the stipulation of the health guarantee; be sure to read, understand and agree to the conditions of the health guarantee - see link at top of page) deposit of 25% of the purchase price is required to hold a puppy for purchase and transfer, and the remaining balance must be paid before or at the time the puppy is ready for transfer to the buyer via cash, major credit/debit card or PayPal. Please click on the 'Deposit & Payment Link' at the top of the page to make a deposit or payment. If the puppy is not picked up by the buyer at the date and location for transfer arranged with us through email or text (written) correspondence, then the buyer forfeits the deposit paid and the puppy will be re-posted for sale unless other prior arrangements have been made between the buyer and seller.  

     (Note:  We do not currently offer any shipping options as the nearest pet shipping airport to us is 4 hours round trip. Arrangement for puppy transfer must be made          by the buyer at the buyer's expense. We do arrange to meet buyers at a nice public location in Corinth, MS to transfer the puppy at no additional charge of course,            and sometimes we may consider delivery of the puppy to other locations closer to the buyer under special circumstances including a delivery fee of $0.75 cents per          round trip mile if our schedule permits at our discretion; please ask if interested about this potential possibility).

The buyer should read and verify understanding and agreement of the Puppy Health Guarantee before a deposit payment is made and  must be done before transfer of the puppy takes place. Please click on the Puppy Health Guarantee link above and complete and submit the verification form after reading the health guarantee.

Thank you.

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